Ranu Mandol full name Ranu Maria Mandol born 5 November 1960 is an Indian Social Media Viral turned singer who is currently the very known singer in Bollywood. She was founded by Atinder Chakraborty at Ranaghat Junction Railway Station and uploaded her singing video that went very much viral, had sung Lata Mangeshkar’s song : ” EK PYAAR KA NAGMA HAI” which made her life completely changed and let her shine herself in front of whole India. Ranu Mandol was also invited in the singing reality show, Superstar Singer where Himesh Reshammiya gave her a chance to sing her song on stage for his film Happy Hardy and Heer.


Previous Life

Ranu Mandol, born in a poor family on November 5, 1960 at Kartikpara, a village near Krishnanagar in Nania, district in West Bengal. Her father Aditiya Kumar was a poor hawker. At the age of 13, he got married to Late Babul Mandol and lost her parents in her childhood. Before being viral, on social media, she used to beg by singing at Ranaghat Junction. Atinder Chakraborty, a young passer by at the station, recorded her singing Lata Mangeshkar’s old song ” Ek Pyaar Ka Nagma Hai” and shared her video on social networking sites. That video gained so much Popularity and appreciation, she was invited to a singing reality show Superstar Singer. Starting her singing carrier in 2019. She might also sung a song for Akshay Kumar’s film, which is not yet finalized.


Ranu also had a one daughter. Ranu’s daughter was away from her to about 10 years as she didn’t like that her mother sing songs on railway station & beg. But after the success of Ranu her daughter returned.

Journey of Singing

When she was 20 years old, she used to sing in a club, she used to be known as Ranu Bobby. Then, she left her job, because her family don’t like her to sing in club and never supported her profession. When her husband died, she shifted from Mumbai to her village Ranaghat, West Bengal and started singing at railway station to earn money for her life.

Himesh Reshammiya’s new song Teri Meri Khani which was sung by Internet new sensation Ranu Mandol who became viral through social media in one day. Her voice is so good which made her an overnight sensation from Kolkata Railway Station to Super Star Singer. This song is from the Himesh’s new movie Happy Hardy and Heer. This movie is expected to release in September 2019.


Lyrics of Song Teri Meri Kahani

Teri meri.. teri meri kahani
Oh..teri meri ..teri meri
Teri Meri Kahani

Poori na ho pai is janam mei
Hum tum milenge yun iss janam mei
Poori na ho pai iss janam mei.. haye
Hum tum milenge yum iss janam mei

Kissi aur ki mehak maine li hi nhi
Kabhi tujhse alag.. mai rha hi nhi
Fir kaie judaa
Mai tujhse rahu
Yeh dard sanam..haye
Kaise Sahun

Teri meri.. teri meri
Teri meri kahani
oh..teri meri..teri meri
Teri meri kahani

Tere hi naam se 
Dil mera dhadke
Tere hi khayalo mei
Subha shaam tadpe

 Tu na milegi
Mujhko pta hai
Dil hai ki fir bhi manta nhi hai

Kissi aur ki mehak maine li hi nhi
Kbhi tujhse alag mai rha hi nhi
 phir kaise juda maui tujhse rahu
yeh dard sanam haye.. kaise saahu

Teri meri ..teri meri
Oh.. teri meri..teri meri
Teri meri kahani

Poori na ho pai iss janam mei 
Hum tum milenge uss janam mei
Poori na ho pai iss janam mei..haye..
Hum tum milenge uss janam mei

Teri meri..teri meri..
oh..teri meri..teri meri
Teri meri kahani


After this superhit song Teri Meri Kahani, Internet sensation Ranu Mandol recorded her second song name –“Aadat “, from Happy Hardy and Heer in the divine voice of Ranu Mandol, here’s the glimpse of the song, the alaap and voice over is the theme of Happy Hardy and Heer.

Except this, she also recorded the respiring new version of “Aashique mai teri ja ja jaegi jaan Teri ” which was one of the best and old song sung by Himesh Reshammiya. He decided to make the new female version of the song.

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